Chicken products

Chicken products

Plukon supplies the retail and food service market with a wide range of chicken products. Fresh products include chicken fillet and bone-in chicken, in addition to precooked chicken and other chicken specialities. Discover the entire range!


Chicken fillet

Chicken fillet is by far the most popular type of chicken product. It forms the basis for chicken strips and cubed chicken, is perfect for all kinds of stir-fry and other dishes, and the fillet itself is also a versatile product. It is a simple product that tastes great with, for example, the addition of chicken seasoning or stuffed and wrapped with bacon. Chicken fillet is a low-fat, nutritional and delicious meat product.

in bone chicken

In-bone chicken

Chicken products with bone from various parts of the chicken, such as wings or legs, have juicier meat, more taste and a firmer texture than chicken fillet. Plukon’s broad range of in-bone chicken products includes drumsticks, chicken cutlets, chicken spare ribs and snack sticks.

Whole chicken

Whole chicken is one of the most versatile products in our range. It can easily be prepared in the oven or a pan or can be used to make broth. Whole chicken can also be stuffed with chicken mince, herbs and spices for special occasions.

chicken specialities

Chicken specialities

Most chicken is prepared in a frying pan. But chicken products can also easily be prepared in the oven. Plukon has put together a number of great-tasting and easy-to-prepared oven products for creating a culinary feast.

precooked chicken

Cooked and precooked chicken

Precooked chicken has a short preparation time. The extensive range ensures plenty of choice and variety. Many of these products, such as chicken nuggets, crispy chicken schnitzels and chicken burgers, are very popular with children.

chicken thighs

Chicken thighs

Chicken thighs are popular with hobby chefs. Their versatility and convenience let you create great-tasting dishes right at home. Chicken thighs taste best prepared in the oven or frying pan.

Steamed meals

Ultra-fresh steam meals represent a unique proposition within the retail convenience range.

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Wok for Two

The wok dishes contain everything needed to serve a mouth-watering meal.

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Main course salads

Fresh main course salads have grown in recent years to become the largest segment within the convenience range.

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Pasta salads

Alongside warm pasta dishes, cold pasta salads are also gaining in popularity among consumers.

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Vegetable salads

Vegetable salads are the latest rage! They feature such unique ingredients as spelt, quinoa, nuts and berries.

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Plukon is known to consumers under various brand names. Friki, Fairmast, Maïski, Volwaard, Weight Watchers (under licence) and De KuikenaeR are the best known brands. Many of our products are also sold under private labels in supermarkets in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France.

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