Good Brood Chicken

Good Brood Chicken

The Good Brood Chicken is a slow-growing chicken breed with a strong focus on antibiotic use reduction and a sustainable feed and living environment for the chickens.

Animal welfare and living environment

This chicken may only grow a maximum of 50 grams a day and is ready for slaughter at an age of 45-47 days. The chickens have access to extra bedding material (1 straw, hay or alfalfa bale per 1,000 animals). This is not only important for a good nest, but also as extra distraction. A lighting schedule with at least six hours of darkness ensures sufficient rest and a natural day and night rhythm.

Reduced antibiotic use

With this concept, 90% of the chickens are raised without the use of any antibiotics. Medication is not used preventatively and when antibiotics are needed, a maximum of 17 day dosage per farm is permitted.

Strict quality requirements

Good Brood Chickens are feed with sustainably produced feed. The soya used in this feed must be produced according to the sustainability criteria of the RTRS (Round Table on Responsible Soy). To produce Good Brood Chicken, poultry meat producers must comply with an ‘integral chain management’ requirement for the entire process, from the breeding and hatchery stages to poultry farming, slaughtering and packaging.

Regular chicken

Regular chicken is especially suited to converting efficient feed into high-quality protein.

Free-range Chicken

The Extensive Housing Chicken with covered run has been awarded one ‘Better Life’ star. This chicken is a sustainable choice.

Organic Chicken

Organic chickens eat only organic feed and have access to outdoor space and fresh air.

Interview Goed Nest Kip (1)

“We don’t want to produce an anonymous product”

Louis and José Lubbers made the switch to the Good Brood Chicken. Initial experiences with this livestock husbandry concept have been positive. This concept is also in perfect keeping with the company’s societal focus.

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